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Wireless Temperature And Humidity Sensor

Product Introduction

We provide wireless temperature sensor only or temperature & humidity sensor, which consists of the temperature probe or temperature & humidity probe, data logger (Wi-Fi/GPRS/LTE) and antenna of the corresponding frequency band. It doesn't matter whether you're monitoring a freezer room, vacation home, RV, greenhouse, or a beloved pet, our product is by far the best remote temperature sensor for the job. With cloud service, it can help avoid disasters from happening using threshold alerts and notification messages.
Key Features
  • Report the real-time temperature and humidity data to the cloud every 5 minutes
  • Plug and play, easy to use
  • High accuracy and large measurement range
  • Simply one-key setup
  • Timely alert notification if the measurement is out of the preset range
  • Open Interface for data integration to the third party
  • Enterprise-class performance, suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial use
  • Cloud service and WeChat app is available

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