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Laboratory Temperature Monitoring System

Laboratory temperature monitoring system is widely used in the laboratory and its purpose is to create a good laboratory environment for users and make the laboratory environment in the best working state. Therefore, it is necessary to display and record the actual temperature and humidity values of each laboratory. In addition to, the lab temperature monitoring system can keep abreast of the environmental conditions of each laboratory, so that managers and visitors can have a more scientific and timely understanding of the environmental information of the monitoring area.

The characteristics are as follows:
1.It can improve work efficiency and with no need of manual recording.
2.Real-time view of the temperature in the environment under test.
3.When the temperature and humidity exceeds the limit, different alarm methods (such as SMS alarm, telephone alarm, mail alarm, etc.) can be used to prompt the management personnel, so that the administrator can understand the situation in the tested environment at first time, and reduce unnecessary losses.
4.The system can automatically download the temperature data in the measured environment.
5.Supporting multichannel temperature and humidity sensors to work at the same time.
6.With the improvement of temperature and humidity control accuracy, temperature and humidity curve coordinates are automatically adjusted and amplified.

System functions:

1.Real-time recording function: it can continuously and truthfully collect and record the temperature parameters in the monitoring environment, and display and record the monitoring information in real time in the form of figures, graphs and tables;

2.Over-limit alarm function: in the case of abnormal data, if the temperature exceeds the upper and lower limit, a variety of alarms can be output in the way specified by the user. Such as: beeping alarm, telephone alarm, mail alarm, SMS alarm.

3.Data statistical analysis function: real-time display or historical display of the changes of each parameter curve , parameter list, maximum, minimum and average values of each parameter, etc. in the tested environment.

4.Data storage function: all data can be stored in the recorder, and can also be stored on the computer to record various environmental temperature and humidity change curves or tables and work status reports as required. It can automatically save, backup, archive all data;

5.Print/report function: temperature and humidity change curves or tables and work status reports of each point can be printed as required. And it can output different formats of the report according to the specific requirements of users, such as: JPG, EXCEL, TXT, etc.;

6.User classification management: the system has strict password authorization system and user classification system, and different personnel have different permissions. It provides a management platform for users to ensure that only authorized staff can carry out the corresponding management and operation.

7. Strong system expansibility: the system can be used with mixed networking of different temperature and humidity recording instruments and networking of wireless terminals. It supports multichannel sensor and can transmit temperature and humidity signal to LED screen to display real-time room temperature and humidity. Besides, the lab temperature monitoring system can add temperature and humidity terminal automatic controller to control room temperature precisely.
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