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Introduction to Household Energy Management System

Energy is the driving force of regional economic development. In order to save energy, smart home energy-saving systems (home energy management systems) once again take the lead in the industry. Each design fully embodies the advanced concept of environmental protection and energy conservation, and realizes the requirements of sustainable development. Think about it. If every household has a household energy management system, that is to say, each household can use a certain amount of power consumption, the social power supply deficiency can be effectively alleviated, and the situation of power rationing will be greatly reduced.

Home energy management system can maximize the use of power resources. It can make the household appliances run more efficiently by setting the priority, monitoring, disconnection, reconnection and time setting of household appliances.

A large number of household appliances in the house are frequently and overloaded at the same time, which is likely to cause a power outage due to a blown fuse or an air switch trip. The smart home energy-saving system can control the current of load power consumption in the house, and automatically cut off the power supply of unimportant household appliances, which can effectively avoid this phenomenon.

The amount of system management power consumption is controlled by a dedicated unit. When the circuit produces overload, it starts to trigger the actuator and cut off the load according to the instructions given by the user. In addition to overload control, it can also manage the power load according to the timing scheme set by the user, so as to make better use of the specific power in the period of low price of electricity price.

Home energy management system consists of an energy management center, a power supply and an actuator of corresponding equipment. This energy management application can be implemented in two different ways: Bus Technology / power carrier system, in order to adapt to the existing power system without designing the bus layout.
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