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How to choose and purchase wifi power meter

There are some factors that you need to consider when you are about to purchase a wifi power meter.

1. Are you a professional rider?

If so, you must use the product the team gives you.

2. You are able to afford it

this is an important factor for many people, so while wifi power meter may be the best, they are not affordable for most riders. With more options available today, they're not cheap, but they're cheaper than they used to be.

3. How to use the wifi power meter?

The second important factor of choosing a wifi power meter is the type of bike you ride and the type of bike you ride. Also consider the meter head. Most power meter users and potential users will have an ANT+ meter

A good wifi power meter needs to have following characters:

Zero offset

Most power meters require a zero setting before you ride so that they show zero power when there is no torque on the foot.

Temperature drift

Due to the sensitive tension meter of the power meter is incorporated into the component (tooth plate, claw plate, flower drum, lock pedal), it will encounter the temperature change when riding. Therefore, it is essential that the power meter can adapt to the temperature change in the riding process, otherwise the reading drift will cause data inaccuracy. 
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