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Data Acquisition, Transmission and Monitoring System of Wireless GPRS Temperature Sensor

Aiming at the problems of low upper limit of temperature measurement, high power consumption, low transmission rate and the like in the traditional temperature detection system, the GPRS multi-point wireless temperature sensor acquisition and monitoring system further improves the measurement accuracy of the system, and the test results show that the system has high accuracy, sensitivity and practicability.

The traditional multi-point temperature detection technology generally uses infrared or integrated temperature sensors, and adopts wired transmission mode. The laying and maintenance costs of remote lines are too high and the lead wires are too long, which leads to slow transmission rate, increased power consumption and decreased stability of the whole system.

Wireless GPRS temperature sensor adopts wireless transmission mode. Wireless wiring doesn’t need to change the building structure, with simple installation, low power consumption components and low comprehensive cost. At the same time, the upper and lower limit alarm values of the temperature monitored by the wireless temperature sensor can be preset, and when the environmental parameter exceeds the set value, the buzzer in the machine immediately sends out an alarm signal.

Acquisition and monitoring system of wireless GPRS temperature sensor is mainly divided into three parts: temperature acquisition, GPRS data transmission and data reception.
The wireless temperature sensor collects and converts the monitored signal data to form transmittable communication signals, which are then transmitted through GPRS data terminals and finally reach the system data center through gateways and routes. GPRS wireless network has the advantages of high resource utilization rate, high transmission rate, short access time and full support of IP protocol.

The system can not only realize the data collection and transmission function, but also realize automatic early warning. It can store the data displayed online in real time, establish a historical database and realize resource sharing on the network platform.
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